Episode 12: Sarah Boyd // Growing your social media, finding a digital marketing strategy, and what brands want

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

On this episode we sit down with Sarah Boyd the president of West Coast Operations for NYLON, founder of SIMPLY and Moms + Babes Box. Sarah founded Simply the premier conference business focused on fashion and beauty insiders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and influencers. She is known as the dot connector, bridging the gap between brands and trendsetters. If that isn't enough she and her friend Jana Kramer created Moms+Babes Box a subscription box tailored to moms and their kiddos. We chat about growing your social media, finding a digital marketing strategy, what brands want right now, tips for starting a business, the importance of goal setting.

This Girl Life Podcast

Sarah teaches incredible classes on her site called How To Build And Sell Your Business In 5 Years -- A step by step guide to starting and selling a business. She's a genius and you should sign up. You can sign up here!

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Listen to Sarah's Episode here:

Questions you can hear on Sarah's Episode:
  • We want you to go way back and give us a little bit of your story.. How you got dubbed the “dot connector”?
  • Before you created Mom and Babes Box (which we will dive into next), you created Simply stylist; all about entrepreneurship and the world of digital networking. You work with brands and top celebrity bloggers with business development, content creation, and networking. 
  • For people who aren’t familiar, what is a simply stylist. 
  • How important is it to have a digital strategy now days (if you are a blogger?)
  • hen should smaller influencers and bloggers pull the trigger and look into influencer marketing services (like Sociallyte
  • You are business and digital media guru. What trends are you seeing now in social media, what should we all be doing to become social media superstars? 
  • What is one major lesson you’ve learned over the years since launching your own company? 
  • Describe what a typical day looks like for you?
  • What has inspired and help you continue to grow in your business? A specific podcast? A great book? 
  • How did you go from Simply to Mom and Babes Box? 
  • How did you and Jana meet and then decide to take the big step start a business together?
  • Can you detail the process of starting a subscription box company? 
  • Do you two decide what goes into each box? What has been a couple of your favorite products that have been in a recent box?
  • What we really admire about you is how you’ve been able to see a need and then scale businesses, create moms and babes box and balance motherhood. How do you manage it all?
  • 3 quick tips for someone who has a great idea and wants to start their own business
  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from your best friend?:
  • Where can we find you?


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