Organizational Tips

5 Organizational Tips!
  1. Use a Calendar (& not just on your phone). Write things down, keep track of dates and times. 
  2. Plan your week out. On Sunday, take a look at your week! See what you have coming up, it'll better prepare you for the week ahead and any activities you may have.
  3. Meal plan. Take 30 minutes on Sunday and plan our your meals. That way in the middle of a busy Monday, you're not worrying about what you're going to eat! 
  4. Don’t always be rushing - wake up 5 minutes early. Leave five minutes early.
  5. Communicate. Talk to your spouse, share your schedule, know where each other is going, doing, and wanting. 
4 productivity hacks 
  1. Use "Do not disturb" for more than just nighttime.
  2. Turn your phone over when you're trying to get work done.
  3. Start every day with a list of tasks. That way you know what you need to accomplish for the day.
  4. Do things you don’t like first. Get the boring stuff over with so you have more time for the fun stuff!
3 apps I use 
  1. Trello
  2. Reminders 
  3. Calendar
Overall Tip: Start small. Organize a small part of your life, your kids, your blog, your husband. Then keep going!

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On this episode Kristen is discussing how to be productive every day of the week by using organizational tools and methods. Kristen shares tips that will help anyone who struggles to get and stay organized in business, family, life, and blogging.

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